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Did the Queen Order the Assassination of Diana? Australian Investigation Builds Pressure on Scandal-Dogged Royals

Feb. 16, 2015 (EIRNS)—The latest edition of Executive Intelligence Review magazine reports the explosive findings of Australian investigator John Morgan that the Queen ordered the 1997 assassination of Princess Diana, and MI6 carried out her order. “Only she could authorize the assassination of the most famous and photographed person in the world, the mother of the future King of England, the increasingly powerful Princess Diana”, writes Morgan.

His conclusion is the result of his decade-long investigation into Diana’s death, from which he has assembled an unmatched body of evidence published in 11 books since 2007, including his 2014 How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth, a comprehensive summary of all of his previous work.

As the basis for a new play currently in production in London’s West End, called Truth, Lies, Diana, Morgan’s investigation has sparked an uproar in the UK. Playwright Jon Conway drew heavily on Morgan’s research, and even included him as a character in the play. In an attempt to divert attention from its central theme—Morgan’s charges against the Queen and MI6—most British media coverage focuses on the play’s strong insinuation that Diana’s lover James Hewitt is the real father of Prince Harry.

Provoked by the release in 2003 of Diana’s October 1995 note to her butler Paul Burrell that her husband Prince Charles was planning to kill her in a “car accident”, Morgan began to relentlessly investigate all previous findings about Diana’s murder, including from the thorough investigation undertaken by EIR starting immediately after the crash, and moving on to the official British police inquiry, the Paget Report, released in 2006, and then the long-delayed Inquest undertaken finally in 2008. Though supervised by a judge clearly biased by his sworn personal allegiance to the Queen, the inquest’s jury disregarded his explicit instructions to the contrary, and rendered the verdict of "Unlawful Killing"—murder—albeit “by persons unknown”.

Morgan brought to the project his professional experience as a forensic accountant, that is, a career of dealing not only with minute detail, but with issues of evidence-handling and court admissibility. He establishes that Diana’s outspokenness and post-divorce activities were a clear threat to the Crown, even to the survival of the monarchy itself, and blows apart the myth that the Queen is a powerless figurehead, proving she exercises real authority over the British government and its key agencies, including the Secret Intelligence Service MI6.

As the Feb. 13 EIR documents, this latest eruption of suspicion about Diana’s murder comes amidst an escalating wave of scandals now engulfing the Royals. These include:

  • Crown Prince Charles’ intimate ties to the precise Saudi Royals who have served as the long-time financial sponsors of the Wahhabite terrorist networks that include Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and his role for the last three decades as the UK’s chief arms dealer to the terror-financing Saudis. Typical are his personal friendships with Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Prince Turki bin Faisal. The pair were among only eight foreign royals whom Charles invited to his wedding to Camilla in 2005 and have been long time financial sponsors or board members of his Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, along with several other Saudis implicated in sponsoring terrorism. Both Bandar and Turki are named in a 4000-page lawsuit against the Saudi sponsors of 9/11, filed on 3 February in New York by the families of its victims. Illustrative of the arrogant assumption of Charles and his family that they are above all law, is the controversial name of the new range of ceramic lamp stands, vases and serving bowls he has chosen to peddle at his Highgrove country store: ISIS.

  • Shocking revelations about a pedophile ring involving the highest levels of the British establishment, and even operating within Buckingham Palace. Attention has spilled onto Charles’s relationship with monstrous child abuser Jimmy Savile, now deceased, who for three decades was a friend, confidante, adviser and "key aide" to the Prince.

  • The scandal around Prince Andrew, who is accused of sexually abusing a minor who was pimped to him as a sex slave by Andrew’s long time associate, the convicted child abuser and billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein.

These mounting revelations constitute the most serious assault on the standing and power of the House of Windsor since the days immediately following Diana’s murder in 1997. The abundant evidence that John Morgan presents of the Royals’ involvement in her murder has the power to finally topple the degenerate House of Windsor.