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French China Expert Calls for EU To Join China’s New Silk Road Project

PARIS, March 9, 2015 (Nouvelle Solidarité)—Shanghai-based French Sinologist David Gosset, director of the Academia Sinica Europaea at the prestigious China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), also founder of the Euro-China Forum, wrote an exceptional article in the Huffington Post on Jan. 8, 2015, explaining and praising China’s "Grand Strategy: The New Silk Road," as his story was headlined, and urging Europe to not miss the historic opportunity to share in developing the "common destiny of Eurasians as a strategic horizon."

Gosset’s article clearly echoes the Schiller Institute’s December 2014 earlier petition calling on the EU and the U.S. to "drop geopolitics" and warmongering and solve in a peaceful way the world’s conflicts together with the BRICS countries.

"It would be for China’s first trading partner, the European Union, strategic blindness to miss the opportunities offered by Xi’s proposal, a vision whose scope goes far beyond the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. 2015, year of the 40th anniversary of the China-EU relations, can mark a new departure for the relations between the two edges of Eurasia," he wrote.

The New Silk Road is no "tactical scheme counter other forces," he cautioned. He suggests such possibilities as a "Sino-European Silk Road Fund... to finance large projects —from infrastructure to education—serving the shared vision of a peaceful and prosperous Eurasia....

"Fully embraced by the European Union and other Asian actors, the New Silk Road will take 65 percent of the world population toward an unprecedented level of cohesiveness and prosperity.

"Following the ‘China Dream’ mainly articulated for the Chinese people, Xi Jinping proposes a humanistic vision of progress which goes beyond national interests, based on China’s own experience of material development and inspired by the Chinese sense of universalism, Da Tong, or Grand Harmony, the New Silk Road is ‘Eurasia’s Dream,’ a dream we can pursue together."