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Leading U.K. Politicians Speak Out for Glass-Steagall, End of War Drive Against Russia

March 31, 2015 (EIRNS)—Three prominent members of the political class in the United Kingdom, went on record in favor of Glass-Steagall banking separation, and the end of the policy of confrontation with Russia, in video addresses to a March 28-29 conference of the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) of Australia.

CEC executive member Gabriele Peut introduced the speakers, who had been video-recorded in London the previous week, as follows:

"[The speakers] are two senior members of the House of Commons from the British Labour Party—the Right Honourable Michael Meacher and the Honourable Jeremy Corbyn; and, from the Conservative Party, Robert Oulds, who is the Director of the Bruges Group, an organization that drew its name from a September 1988 speech given in Bruges, Belgium by, ironically enough, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (for whom we have no love whatsoever). The Bruges Group includes a number of prominent Conservative Party MPs, among others, and is strongly opposed to the tyrannical European Union, and to confrontation with Russia.

"You will thus hear from different parts of the conventional political spectrum in Britain, in a way that shows the possibility of collaboration, right across the spectrum, on matters of principle like Glass-Steagall banking separation, cooperation with the BRICS, and stopping World War III.

"Mr. Meacher is one of the British Labour Party figures (from a grouping in the U.K. that is kindred to ’Old Labor’ here in Australia), who fought against the ’liberal imperialism’ policies of Tony Blair and in 2007 personally challenged Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown, for leadership of the Labour Party. Mr. Corbyn, also a member of the House of Commons for several decades, is especially famous for opposing Blair on launching the Iraq War. Both Mr. Meacher and Mr. Corbyn were very active in the intense Parliamentary debate that resulted in the dramatic UK House of Commons vote against authorizing the bombing on Syria, in August 2013."

Both Mr. Meacher and Mr. Oulds are among the several hundred prominent individuals who have signed the Schiller Institute’s petition titled "The U.S. and Europe Must Have the Courage to Reject Geopolitics and Collaborate with the BRICS."