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Ukraine Restructures Security Service To Model Hitler’s SS, and Flaunts It

April 6, 2015 (EIRNS)—Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, head of the Ukraine Security Service (SBU), is looking to the Ukrainian division of Hitler’s SS, Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA), as the model for how the SBU should be reformed.

"There is no need to come up with anything unnecessary. It’s important to use as a foundation the traditions of, and methods used by the OUN-UPA Security Service between 1930 and 1950. It operated against the aggressor under conditions of temporary territorial occupation; it had patriotic upbringing, combat counter-intelligence, and it relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, whose unprecedented support it enjoyed,"

Nalyvaychenko declared in an April 1 interview reported by many Ukrainian and Russian media and on prime-time Russian national TV that same day. Colonel Cassad’s English blog posted translated excerpts today.

The SBU should henceforth simply be written as SS, Lyndon LaRouche responded; Ukraine is undergoing a strict Nazi reorganization, its intelligence and military being remodelled along the lines of the Nazi SS. In explosive dossiers published on Feb. 7 and May 16, 2014, LaRouche’s EIR magazine documented who created, and still deploys, this SS subdivision responsible for mass killings of Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, and Jews during World War II.

Nalyvaychenko—who in an April 2014 teleconference with the Atlantic Council hailed the "very intensive" intelligence sharing, "even cooperation," his SBU receives from "our colleagues from the United States"—specified in his April 1 interview that his new SS must be prepared to "counteract any signs of separatism or aiding the aggressor in business or in any other aspect of civic life."

Nalyvaychenko’s friend and long-time collaborator, Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh was more direct, in an interview given on April 5 to the Ukrainian newspaper, Obozrevatel. Yarosh threated to unleash a "new Maidan," more bloody than anything seen so far.

"Our position is that we must walk on a knife’s edge. On the one hand, we must maintain the State, but on the other, we must make it so that parasites do not drink the blood of the Ukrainian people,"

Yarosh said, according to Sputnik News’ translation.

"We have among us radicals, who are already shouting ‘let’s do it now!’... They are ready, at a moment’s notice, to take the parliament, the presidential administration, to kick everyone out of there."

Lest his warning be missed, Yarosh told the Ukrainian news site LB.ua the same day that Ukraininan President Petro Poroshenko "still does not understand what country he lives in, and the underlying realities" of his position. Yarosh reiterated his opposition to the Minsk ceasefire agreement signed by Poroshenko, and reiterated that he had warned Poroshenko after he signed it, that "we removed Yanukovych, and we can remove him, too."

Yarosh was just also appointed advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, to coordinate cooperation between the Armed Forces and Yarosh’s "Volunteer Corps" Nazi shocktroops.