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U.S. Commentators Condemn Obama’s New Cold War, Warn of Possible Nuclear Ramifications

April 17, 2015 (EIRNS)—A spate of articles in The National Interest, WND.com, The Nation, and Antiwar.com, are taking a hard line against Obama’s New Cold War against Russia, the possible nuclear ramifications, and, in the case of Justin Raimondo, editor of antiwar.com, blasting US support in Ukraine for the “ideological heirs of the worst of the pro-Nazi militias that murdered thousands of Jews at Hitler’s behest.”

In an April 17 piece called “The Murderers of Kiev,” Raimondo writes about the nine declared “suicides” of opposition politicians in Ukraine and the two murders that all occurred between Jan. 26 and April 16, 2015. He provides the “timeline of terror that has opponents of the regime fearing for their lives. The Ukraine government, he says, are the “thugs who executed the coup—with the invaluable help of the US and German governments—are outright fascists who don’t even bother to disguise their colors.” There is a “wave of terror and repression” against opponents of the Kiev regime, he writes, and blasts colleagues in the Libertarian Party circles who attacked Ron Paul and him for not supporting the Ukraine coup.

Also in antiwar.com today, Conservative Patrick Buchanan writes “The New World Disorder U.S.-Russia War over Ukraine — with Tactical Nukes?” which was also published in wnd.com. Buchanan expands on an article [not yet posted] by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in The National Interest, called “Countdown to war: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict,” saying that the “cockpit” of such a war “will be Ukraine,” and notes that the “Brits” (75 troops), US (800 troops), and Canada (200 troops) are in Ukraine on year-long mission to train Ukrainian army. Buchanan says they are being trained to fight “Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine whom Vladimir Putin has said will not be crushed.... Says Putin, We won’t let it happen.”

In The Nation, there is a two-part article by Professor Stephen Cohen calling for a return to the “US-Russian Parity Principle.” He uses the example of the approach of former President Ronald Reagan, quoting former Ambassador Jack Matlock, Jr. explaining that for Reagan, detente was based on several principles—the first of which was “the countries would deal with each other as equals.” This “parity” was shattered, he says, by a succession of George H.W. Bush in 1992, saying that the US was the “one sole and preeminent power;” and later by Madelaine Albright, and most recently by Obama at West Point in 2014 saying the US is “the one indispensable nation.” That outlook has driven US policy to the current showdown in Ukraine, which, he explains, the US began with this policy of treating Russia like a conquered nation that lost the Cold War.

On April 16, Cohen also had an interview on the John Batchelor radio program in which he said, “If Minsk [II] fails, events will logically follow that will cross everyone’s red line—Putin’s, the West,” Cohen said. “And we’ll be in a situation much closer to actual war with Russia.”