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Activating the Opposition to Obama’s Fascist ‘TPP’

April 20, 2015 (EIRNS)—An element of the process of building a new Presidency to rebuild the United States, is organizing the defeat of Barack Obama’s "Trans-Pacific Partnership" (TPP) and the removal of Obama himself from power. As long as his Presidency lasts, Obama carries along his failed but obsessive anti-China policy, part of the threat of nuclear war he represents. He has intended the TPP all along as an attack on China; but it is also a blatant attack on the U.S. Congress, and suicide for the real economy of America. Most Democrats oppose Obama.

Today at the second large rally in a week in Washington, D.C. against Obama’s "Fast Track," two LaRouchePAC activists turned many of the core union organizers present to the idea that "these same financial circles who were bankrupt, and demanding the TPP to loot nations with, want to grab water resources to kill people." This opened them to supporting U.S. collaboration with the BRICS nations where this kind of scientific breakthrough is pursued; and those nations, particularly China, are Obama’s targets for destruction by the TPP. The most serious fastened on the idea that scientific discoveries were the key to unlock the western water crisis. All supported nuclear desalination, and numerous participants knew of ionization of the atmosphere.

Presidential pre-candidate and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley made a spirited attack on the TPP in an interview with National Public Radio’s "Morning Edition" show Monday morning. NPR host Steve Inskeep asked: "Let me ask about another issue on which Democrats seem to be divided. You have said in recent days that you oppose the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.... What’s wrong with that?"

O’Malley replied,

"What’s wrong with it is first and foremost that we’re not allowed to read it before our representatives vote on it. What’s wrong with it is that right now, what we should be doing are things that make our economy stronger here at home. And it’s my concern that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this deal which is urged by big corporations, many of whom have offshored jobs and many of whom have offshored their profits, is bad for America’s economy.... It is a race to the bottom, a chasing of lower wages abroad, and I believe that that does nothing to help us build a stronger economy here at home. And I am appalled by the notion that we’re not allowed, as Americans to read this agreement, before our so-called representative institution of Congress votes on it."

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman published a strong attack on the TPP "Fast Track" authority in Politico April 19. Schneiderman targeted the new tribunals run by corporate lawyers which TPP would set up, to allow multinational banks and corporations to challenge laws at any governmental level in any signatory nation, with no appeal to courts. He strongly implied a call on all New York Senators and Congressmen to vote no on Fast Track: "This Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision would allow large multinational corporations to sue a signatory country for actions taken by its federal, state or local elected or appointed officials that the foreign corporation claims hurt its bottom line.

"This should give pause to all members of Congress, who will soon be asked to vote on fast-track negotiating authority to close the agreement. But it is particularly worrisome to those of us in states, such as New York, with robust laws that protect the public welfare—laws that could be undermined by the TPP."