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Sputnik News Agency Interview with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—The following is an interview conducted by Sputnik International news agency with Lyndon LaRouche. We reproduce it here with permission.

Q: Moscow is holding a Victory Day parade on May 9, and amid the current tensions between the West and Russia, a lot of world leaders will not attend the events. What do you think about that?

LaRouche: I think the Victory Parade should be considered as necessary.

Q: Do you think that the role of the Soviet Army in the victory over Nazi Germany has recently been underestimated? Why do you think this is happening?

LaRouche: The Soviet Army’s role in the combat against a Nazi regime at that time, had been historically essential.

Q: Do you think that young people in the West know the history, including WWII events, well? and why?

LaRouche: In the main, the generally post-adolescent and adult population of the Transatlantic powers of today, have virtually little, to no comprehension of the meaning of human life, in that region, in particular. It is most notable, as for the cases of Europe and North America, that the quality of moral and related human life of persons among those nations, has been in a prevailing moral degeneration since the year 1900, as such of that time as the Satanically evil, British monster, Bertrand Russell. The rate of such degeneration has tended to be accelerated, not only from the span since 1900, but with an increasing relative influence, downward, up to the present date.

Q: How do you think the role of the Soviet Army is presented nowadays?

LaRouche: With the effects of the attempted assassination of U.S. President Reagan, the general direction of U.S. national cultural life, has been one of an accelerating rate of political, moral, and scientific degeneration of accelerated economic and moral decline of North America and Central Europe, all promoted, essentially, by the increased self-degradation of the economies (per capita), and the declining morality of the leading powers of the Northerly regions of the Transatlantic zone. That process of decline has been continued, there, from its beginning, in the year 1900 AD of David Hilbert and of Bertrand Russell, until the present. Otherwise, the role of the Soviet defense of civilization during the so-called World War II period, still remain crucial elements of a struggle for all mankind.

Q: Do you think that the far-right and neo-nazi groups are growing and becoming more widespread? Why do you think this is happening?

LaRouche: The old Nazis, and the old British empire, remain still the chief force of global evils presently. It is threatened to be much worse; It is that simple.

Q: And/or anything else you could share with us on that, please?

LaRouche: Is there hope, despite all this? Yes. That prospect requires no further word, but, to the wise, only a suggestion of the meaning of what I have said here.