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Mexican Biologist Omar Pensado Again Blasts British Climate Change Lies, Denounces IPCC's Zeusian Concept of Man

May 11, 2015 (EIRNS)—Mexican biologist Omar Pensado, a leading bête noire of the British Empire's aggressive promotion of environmentalism in that country, delivered another blast at the unscientific lies promoted by the Greenies, and the immoral concept of man underlying them. In an April 29 debate—to which his opponents failed to show up—on the "Possible causes of climate change," held in an auditorium of the governor's offices in the state of Veracruz, Pensado attacked the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by name, for "promoting the elimination of carbon as a source of energy, food and mobility, that is; a complete de-carbonization and de-industrialization of society ... which would only bring about poverty and hunger ... and with that, a step backwards in civilization."

He added:

"We regret that a group of eco-technocrats from the United Nations, who were never voted for by any nation on the planet, tries to determine the destiny of 7 billion people, condemning underdeveloped nations to stay so, and industrialized nations to dismantle themselves in order to save a planet they have deified—not as an evolutionary marvel of which we are part and a product, but as a strange entity to be worshipped as a furious and punishing god.... [This] worship of ‚ "Mother Earth" could well be the beginning of a new pantheistic religion."

Pensado went on to argue, as he has in the past, that "climate variations are not caused by human beings and their activity, but rather are the consequence of natural events of a cosmic, cyclical nature, which have been occurring for thousands of years, including such factors as orbital eccentricity, variations in the angle of the [Earth's] axis, changes in the solar constant, and cosmic ray emission from deep space."

The Greenie policies, Pensado charged,

"will have consequences in terms of agricultural production, which are also intended to reduce energy and even the population.... These green policies border on Malthusianism." Instead, he argued, "we should have as our priority, love of our own species, and not consider ourselves a 'plague' or a 'disease' which must be controlled."