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Global Times Editorial: Remember That We Have Nuclear Weapons!

May 14, 2015 (EIRNS)—China’s official Global Times strongly responded editorially today, to the reported request from Defense Secretary Ash Carter that the United States intentionally deploy air and sea military craft within the 12-mile territorial limit around the islands being physically expanded within the China-controlled portion of the Spratly/Nansha islands. Global Times warned of nuclear war.

If the White House authorizes such a move, the editorial says, "the US will make the South China Sea a powder keg. Washington would be too naive to think that China will exercise forbearance and self-restraint in that scenario. It should keep in mind that China is a major power with nuclear weapons, and there is no way that U.S. forces can take reckless actions in the South China Sea. Considering China’s proximity to this area and determination to defend its sovereignty, the United States, although equipped with the strongest military forces, will stand no chance of overwhelming China. Besides, the long-term chaos will eventually deprive the United States of its [hegemony over] other countries in the region, which will only be victimized by the war.

"China has no intention to be a challenger," it continues,

"but it won’t evade any challenges over its territorial sovereignty from the U.S. We would like to suggest that Washington think twice before it does an about-face of its Asia-Pacific policy."

Global Times elsewhere quotes Jin Canrong from Renmin University, one of China’s leading US experts:

"If the plan is implemented, China for sure will make counter-measures, such as driving U.S. military aircraft and vessels away with force. The U.S. must realize that a majority of ASEAN countries do not want the U.S. to destroy regional stability."