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Russia Issues Scathing Attack on U.S. War Preparation in Asia

May 30, 2015 (EIRNS)—The Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Dr. Anatoly Antonov, speaking at the IISS-sponsored Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore today, directly and forcefully attacked the U.S. preparations for war on China and Russia in Asia, naming the "Prompt Global Strike" first-strike policy of the Obama Administration and the massive U.S. offensive arms buildup.

"It is important to realize," Antonov said,

"that no ‘rebalancing,’ saber rattling, military build-up, policy of pressure, intimidation and ‘containment’ or information aggression will solve our problems. On the contrary, they will aggravate the situation and sow the seeds of distrust. In this contest, we are concerned about the U.S. policy in the Asia-Pacific given that it becomes more and more focused on systemic ‘containment’ of Russia and China.

"There is an obvious desire of the U.S. to bring their AEGIS carrying warships closer to the Russian coast and place hypersonic weapons on board VIRGINIA submarines under the concept of ’Prompt Global Strike,’"

he said.

He emphasized that the policy is offensive, not defensive:

"Despite our concerns over U.S. global missile defense architecture, the U.S. is proceeding with the policy of undermining strategic stability by adding a regional segment of missile shield in the Asia-Pacific. The desired Missile Defense capability in the region will significantly exceed the level necessary to neutralize possible missile challenges and threats."

Antonov also warned that Asia is not immune to color revolutions: "The epidemic of ‘color revolutions’ that initially struck the Middle East swept away like a hurricane entire states. This disease has affected some European states as well. We are witnessing the unrest in Macedonia so outrageously orchestrated form the outside. ... [He then reviews the crisis in Ukraine.] No one can feel absolutely safe, entertaining the fact that ‘color revolutions’ have not come to the Asia-Pacific. It may happen at any moment once the Western elites feel unhappy about the policy of a state and make a decision on the introduction of ‘democratic’ values. We recall the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. Who is next?.