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American Committee for East-West Accord Revived To Stop War

June 5, 2015 (EIRNS)—A group of diplomats and scholars, concerned that the United States and Russia are headed for a nuclear showdown, have revived one of the leading Cold War era pro-detente groups, the American Committee on East-West Accord. The new group, launched this week, is called the American Committee for East-West Accord, and has put forward an immediate proposal for reviving US-Russian strategic dialogue and war avoidance. The proposal calls for the United States to join the Normandy Process (Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine); for the NATO-Russia Council to be reconstituted, for the Nunn-Lugar Act to be restored (providing US funds to assist Russia in dismantling part of its nuclear weapons stockpiles), and preservation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF).

The seven founding members of the new organization are all known leading voices of sanity against the Obama Administration’s insane provocations against Russia, including former US Senator Bill Bradley, Professor Stephen Cohen, Ambassador Jack Matlock, Gilbert Doctorow, Ellen Mickewicz, William vanden Heuvel, and John Pepper (former CEO of Proctor & Gamble).

The group issued a mission statement, which stated in part: “Our fundamental premise is that no real or lasting American, European, or international security generally is possible without essential kinds of stable cooperation with Russia.

“Since early 2014, we have therefore watched with growing dismay as East-West cooperation created over decade. in diplomacy, arms control, economics, energy, education, science, space, culture, even in preventing nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and environmental threat. have been heedlessly discarded or gravely endangered. While experts warn of an unfolding new nuclear arms race, and with it the risk those weapons may actually be used, there may already be less East-West cooperation than existed during the latter decades of the preceding cold war.

“And yet, these looming dangers, whose immediate cause was the U.S./EU -Russian confrontation over the future of Ukraine but whose origins lie in policy decisions taken and not taken on both sides since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, have developed virtually without any significant public debate in the United State. in Congress, the mainstream media, academia, think tanks, or anywhere else that might influence the course of events. There may be no precedent for such an absence of American democratic discourse at such a fateful moment.”

In an article in The National Interest, lauding the launching of the new initiative, it was announced that a forthcoming issue of the journal will feature a piece by Leslie Gelb, calling for a new policy of “detente-plus,” in which the US relationship with Russia is not defined as enemy, but as “adversary/partner.’. Early this year, Gelb had called for a top-down house cleaning of the entire Obama White House team, including Valerie Jarrett, Denis McDonough, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power.

Lyndon LaRouche has warned, repeatedly, in recent weeks, that nothing short of President Obama’s removal from office can, at this stage, guarantee that he will not plunge the world into a thermonuclear armageddon war.

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