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LaRouche Comments on O’Malley Candidacy

June 6, 2015 (EIRNS)—In response to a question posed to Lyndon LaRouche in anticipation of the weekly LaRouche PAC webcast of June 5, on the significance of the candidacy of Martin O’Malley for the Democratic Party nomination for President, Jeffrey Steinberg quoted LaRouche’s response, as follows:

"O’Malley is doing the right thing. Right now he’s the only qualified candidate. The issue is that we must assemble a team around him. This is the Presidential system; we need a group of qualified minds, working in coordination. We need to assemble a group of faces to do the right thing, and O’Malley is going in that direction. Hillary can’t make it.

"One of the immediate priorities is to get rid of Obama. If Obama remains in control, under British direction, we may be facing thermonuclear war this summer. Obama must be thrown out. That means O’Malley is in, not formally as the replacement President, but as the emerging figure around which a new Presidency can be immediately assembled.

"The action this week by Rand Paul has contributed to pulling down Obama. The Senate initiative on the 28 pages was a crucial flanking operation, and is one of the things that further pulled down Obama this week."