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Will NSA Scandal Finally Lead to the Demise of Merkel?

June 9, 2015 (EIRNS)—German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to be attacked by Social Democratic leaders. Ralph Stegner, a vice-chairman of the Social Democrats (SPD) who already attacked Merkel a few days ago for her anti-Russia policy, attacked her also on the NSA issue, charging her with stonewalling the parliamentary investigation committee by refusing to release data on who the phone-tapping targets were in industry and political institutions.

Yasmin Fahimi, general party manager of the SPD, is also reported to have declared that Merkel should stop kowtowing to Obama and tell the German population what really went on with this entire phone-tapping affair. It seems about time the SPD should launch a no-confidence vote—if not against Merkel right now, at least against her cabinet ministers who are to blame for sabotaging the investigation.

The SPD, as is rumored in Berlin, may escalate the fight by taking Merkel to the Constitutional Court, to force her to declassify the secret dossiers and make them available to the parliamentary investigators.

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