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Steinbrück Pulls Out of Ukraine Expert Group

June 11, 2105 (EIRNS)—Former German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück (Social Democrat) announced this week that he will quit his post at the oligarch (Dmytro Firtash)-led special experts group, Agency for the Modernization of Ukraine, which is mandated with working out an "economic reform program" for the Kiev regime. He explained that this job cannot be made compatible with his function as a member of the Bundestag. This is what other Social Democrats, skeptical of this "expert" group which is funded by some of the Ukrainian oligarchs, have told him before.

Maybe what is really behind Steinbrück’s overdue pullout is increased pressure from the Steinmeier faction, which has opposed this expert group as being an institution separate from the Minsk process and likely undermining it, as critics of Steinbrück argued.