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Schellnhuber Encyclical Frontally Attacks ‘Promethean’ Vision of Man

June 24, 2015 (EIRNS)—The Schellnhuber encyclical explicitly attacks the idea of "Promethean man," who masters the world, and thus makes it explicit that he has put the Papacy on the side of the Zeus who hated mankind and wished to destroy the human race. In Section 116, Laudato si the encyclical states:

"116. Modernity has been marked by an excessive anthropocentrism which today, under another guise, continues to stand in the way of shared understanding and of any effort to strengthen social bonds. The time has come to pay renewed attention to reality and the limits it imposes; this in turn is the condition for a more sound and fruitful development of individuals and society. An inadequate presentation of Christian anthropology gave rise to a wrong understanding of the relationship between human beings and the world. Often, what was handed on was a Promethean vision of mastery over the world, which gave the impression that the protection of nature was something that only the faint-hearted cared about. Instead, our dominion over the universe should be understood more properly in the sense of responsible stewardship.[94]"

(Emphasis added.)