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Bloodthirsty Vultures Demand all Argentine Debt Payments Be Blocked, Until They Are Paid

July 20, 2015 (EIRNS)—Vulture fund Aurelius Capital Management, whose founder Mark Brodsky is a former employee of financial predator Paul Singer, is taking its demands against Argentina to new heights, demanding that New York Federal Judge Thomas Griesa prohibit Argentina from paying all foreign debt—"present or future"—unless it first obeys Griesa’s original pari pasu ruling that the vultures that speculated on Argentine debt be paid first.

The additional element in the 96-page document that Aurelius handed to Griesa July 17, is that it specifically demands that he prohibit Argentina from also paying on its Bonar-24 bonds, issued in April for $1.4 billion, which Argentina states are exempt from any of Griesa’s rulings, because they were issued under domestic law. Aurelius charges the Bonar-24 bonds are "foreign debt," because they were marketed abroad by Deutsche Bank.

Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank has complained to Griesa of harassment by the vultures, making "abusive demands" for evidence, leaking confidential information, and making misstatements in court to discourage firms from participating in Argentina’s legal debt offerings.