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The British Monarchy Is in Serious Trouble

July 22, 2015 (EIRNS)—The publication of the 1933 film footage with the future Queen Elizabeth II as a child making the Hitler salute occurs in the context of an escalation of Nazi activities in Ukraine aimed at staging a provocation against Russia. The seriousness of the danger that represents has apparently led sections of the elite in Great Britain, to expose the British Royal family.

That includes a documentary to be aired July 30 on Channel 4, documenting Prince Philip’s family ties to Nazi Germany.

“The British monarchy system is in serious trouble,” Lyndon LaRouche commented July 21, “and I think they are going to lose.”

The video shows Elizabeth and her sister Margaret being instructed on how to make the Nazi salute by their uncle, later, King Edward VIII. Edward was a notorious Nazi admirer, and was eventually forced to abdicate for that. But the video shows also Elizabeth’s mother Mary, the “Queen Mum,” convincingly stretching out her arm.

Although Hitler’s war with France and England forced the royal family to adopt a low profile, their sympathy for the Nazis apparently did not wane, as the decision to marry Elizabeth with Philip Battenberg shows. Not only had he been educated in a German school with an SS program, but his three sisters were married to aristocratic members of the Nazi regime, who conducted negotiations between the Nazis and the royal family, with Edward VIII first, and George VI—Edward’s brother and successor—later on.

Connections alone are not conclusive evidence of a shared set of values and ideologies. What is conclusive is what this newsletter and the publications connected with Lyndon LaRouche have insisted upon for decades: the British royal family shares a Nazi genocidalist ideology, based on a Malthusian, green fascist policy. The Windsors, the Mountbattens, and the rest of the oligarchy are, so to speak, the “Nazis over the Nazis,” those who sport no brown shirts but decide on the policies.

Thus, Philip took over the new version of universal fascism, the environmentalist movement, from his friend and SS member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, becoming the head of the World Wildlife Fund. His statement that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to reduce the population says more about the Nazi mentality of the Windsor/Mountbatten clique than a thousand videos. His son Charles follows suit and carries out the “climate change” swindle to the same purpose.

This is not just matter of a family or of a dynasty; this is the power of what LaRouche has identified as the “British Empire.” For the elaborated story on the Nazi background of the Windsor family, go to EIR’s archive at www.larouchepub.com.