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British Empire Denounced; India MP Calls for Reparations for 200 Years of Looting; Prime Minister Modi Praises His Patriotism

July 24, 2015 (EIRNS)—On May 28, the Oxford Union Society in Britain, held a "Reparations Debate," among whose eight speakers was Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP from India, who said India deserves reparations, on principle, after 200 years of looting by the British Empire. His 15-minute talk has gone viral on the Internet, with over a million viewings.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Tharoor, saying that Tharoor’s

"speech reflected the feelings of patriotic Indians on the issue and showed what an impression one can leave with effective arguments, by saying the right things at the right place..."

Modi was speaking in New Delhi at the Parliament. Tharoor, a well-known figure, is a longtime member of the opposition Congress Party, and was at one time under consideration for United Nations Secretary General.

Tharoor struck hard at his anti-British Empire theme: "No wonder that the Sun never sets on the British Empire. Because even God can’t trust the British in the dark...." He said that, "Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depredations in India," and gave specifics.

He brought out how between 15 and 29 million Indians died in British-induced famines. He described the "most famous" Great Bengal Famine of the Second World War,

"when four million people died because Winston Churchill deliberately, as a matter of written military policy, proceeded to divert essential supplies from civilians in Bengal to sturdy tommies and Europeans as reserve stockpiles. He said that, ’the starvation of anyway, underfed Bengalese mattered much less than the that of sturdy Greeks.’ This is Churchill’s actual quote..."

The video can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5PnVkZTKbw