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U.K. Channel 4 TV Special—‘Prince Philip: The Plot To Make a King’—Puts Nazi Roots on Display

July 31, 2015 (EIRNS)—Last night’s 48-minute video feature, “Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King,” was, according to one discerning London viewer, a "romanticized" propaganda tale, with a phony "love story," but nevertheless, it put the Nazi nature of the man and the royals right up front. The young Philip Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg was shown, for example, standing alongside Nazi officers in 1937 at his sister Cecilia’s funeral. His sister Sophie’s son was shown in an interview, acting chagrined at the family’s Nazi connections.

In the contrived plot-line, Lord Dicky Mountbatten plays the part of the person who intervened to bring Philip and Elizabeth together, against the frownings of the Queen Mum and other family members, who didn’t want the uncouth, rude Philip to marry into their set, which they saw as above his level. Implied in the video, is that the Nazi connections of Philip’s family were unsavory, but this feint was blown by the recent release of the Heil-Hitler video of Elizabeth and her own unsavory family. The plot-line is that Philip was groomed by Mountbatten to be the real king of England, against the House of Windsor. But the Windsors pushed back.

Another in the "Philip"/royalty series, airs tonight.