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Corbyn U.K. Labour Party Steamroller Is Growing More Powerful

Aug. 3, 2015 (EIRNS)—"Corbyn Momentum Might Be Upstoppable"; "Corbyn on Rock Star Tour of Britain;" "Corbyn Tops Labour Leadership Vote of Constituency Groups." Such is the coverage this weekend of the campaign of the pro-Glass-Steagall, anti-austerity, anti-Establishment, anti-war Jeremy Corbyn for the post of leader of the British Labour Party.

The contest concludes on Sept. 12, but as of now, Corbyn has won the endorsement of 162 Labour Party constituency groups, the latest including the Communications Workers Union and the TSSA white-collar rail union. Campaign events in city after city are overflowing. Nearly 2,000 people came to hear him in Liverpool over the weekend, in a 1,000-person auditorium the campaign expected would suffice.

Horrified Tony Blair sycophants of the Labour Party establishment, have been rallying the party apparachiks by warning that a Corbyn-led party could never defeat the Conservatives in a general election, but today senior Conservative figure Ken Clarke, a former Home Secretary sometimes dubbed "the Beast," issued a warning to fellow Conservatives that if Corbyn wins the Labour Party leadership race, he could be the next Prime Minister. "Don’t underestimate Jeremy Corbyn," Clarke told the Huffington Post. “His popularity lies in his appeal as "a non-politician’s answer to the Westminister establishment."