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Chinese Foreign Minister Blows Up the U.S. Lies on South China Sea, Offers Cooperation with all Nations

Aug. 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in his speech to the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Malaysia, Thursday, blew open the war-mongering hysteria coming from Obama and his Philippine underlings in the Aquino Administration regarding the escalating war mobilization against China’s supposed "aggression" and "breaking the status quo" in the South China Sea.

Wang Yi announced that the island creation in the Nansha (Spratly) Islands had been completed, that the next step is to "build facilities primarily used for public purposes, including lighthouse, maritime emergency rescue, weather station, marine scientific research as well as medical and first-aid buildings," as reported in Xinhua.

Wang Yi said:

"Once the construction is completed, China is willing to open these facilities to countries in the region. As the largest coastal country in the South China Sea, China has the ability and obligation to provide these maritime public goods to countries in the region."

Is there any question why this was conveniently left out of the western press coverage of the event?

Wang Yi reviewed China’s long-standing historical claim of sovereignty to the deep water portion of the South China Sea (outside the continental shelfs of the claimant countries—a region often referred to as China’s "nine-dash line"), including the use of U.S. ships to retake the islands seized by Japan during the war. He noted that numerous historical treaties recognize China’s sovereignty, and only in the 1970’s when oil was discovered, did the Philippines begin occupying and building up islands in the Nansha (Spratly) Islands. He clarified that the Obama Administration’s demand that China abide by the Philippine case brought before the UNCLOS tribunal is entirely illegal, since the UNCLOS clearly alows arbitration only when two sides agree to that arbitration.

As shown in his offer for public use of the islands, as referenced above, China keeps open its offer to carry out joint development of the region with the other claimant nations—which would certainly work if Obama and his neocon pals were removed from power.

Full Xinhua article: c_134489926.htm

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