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El-Sisi Inspires Fellow Citizens: Egyptian People Prove They Are Able To Make History

Aug. 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—The Egyptian State Information Service has published more quotes from President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s inspiring speech given at the opening of the New Suez Canal.

"Egypt is a great country and has a civilization of 7,000 years," the President said.

"I want to say that Egypt throughout these years had provided values, principles and ethics, which were in harmony with the heavenly religions and did not contradict them. Today, Egypt is offering a new gift for humanity,"

el-Sisi said, pointing out that that gift is no greater than what the ancient Egyptians proffered, but it was accomplished in only one year.

Pointing to Egypt’s efforts to counter extremism and terrorism, el-Sisi said,

"It was the Egyptians who confronted these thoughts to show the tolerance and the real image of Islam and Muslims. The history will record that Egypt took on its shoulders the responsibility for renewing the religious discourse to make it consistent with the modern age."

He called these groups "the devil group," who "are trying to harm Egypt and Egyptians and hinder the country’s march of progress."

"The New Suez Canal is one step of thousands of steps which we all are required to take," he said, and that no one can harm the Egyptian people as long as they are one hand and united.

"We, the Egyptians, promised the world to provide the gift, and we have kept our promise and accomplished the project in a record time," he said.

He continued,

"The launch of navigation in the new waterway that was accomplished in a record time surpasses the achievement of economic or political goals, as it highlights a humane goal that achieves dignity, justice and stability to the Egyptian people in a modern and democratic country."

"The development of the canal region is aimed at establishing a global economic zone which comprises a number of ports, new cities and logistics and trade centers which will help achieve higher rates of trade exchange between Egypt and the whole world."

El-Sisi also outlined that a package of projects has been launched to establish a national road network, reclaim 1 million feddans of land, and establish new cities.

"I assure you that the Egyptian state is determined to move forward with social and political reform to achieve the aspirations of its sons,"

he told his fellow Egyptians.