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Ukraine’s Nazi Right Sector Could Be the Trigger for Nuclear War

Aug. 14, 2015 (EIRNS)—One of the most likely triggers for the outbreak of full-scale war between Russia and the United States is the Ukraine front, where the “color revolution”-spawned Nazi Right Sector has been on a full mobilization for weeks to break the Minsk accord’s ceasefire between the coup-installed Kiev government and the Donbass separatists.

Lyndon LaRouche has warned that the time from the present to late September represents extreme danger: The world is on a hair trigger for a thermonuclear war. The current activation of the Right Sector’s fully equipped and trained militias inside Ukraine will coincide in mid-September with a full-scale NATO exercise against Russia, and the Right Sector is already in full mobilization. But Right Sector will not wait for September. It can be activated with a war provocation at any moment, from today onward: Right Sector’s American sponsor, Victoria Nuland, personifies the continuity between Cheney and Obama.

Russia does not intend to start a global war, LaRouche noted, but if British-puppet Obama and NATO start a war, Russian President Putin will respond to any initial strike by Obama with measures that will mean the annihilation of the human race.

Profiles of the Right Sector put out in the past week by leading U.S.-based analysts detail the danger of the Nazi group.

And, in a grim reminder of how insane and dangerous Obama is in this process, the U.S. response to these Right Sector provocations has been to warn Russia to “stop the violations” of the Minsk agreement, and do nothing to stop Kiev’s Nazis.

Stephen Lendman, an expert on the Right Sector, wrote today on thepeoplesvoice.org that a “Maidan 2.0” is in the making in Kiev, led by Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh, who he describes as the anti-Russian, anti-Jewish terrorist who is wanted by Interpol for “incitement to terrorist activities.” In ongoing demonstrations since mid-July, the Right Sector shock troops have been denouncing the Poroshenko regime as “traitors,” calling for regime resignations, and chanting, “Death to enemies,” referring to the government. They are rejecting a government order for “illegal armed groups” to disband, saying they are a “volunteer Ukrainian corps, which protects the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” Right Sector field offices and “revolutionary committees” are working on regime change, Lendman says.

In the National Interest, analyst Julia Embody writes, “Beware Ukraine’s Rising Right Sector,” and warns that Kiev has to now worry about its own “allies.” “Right Sector members are no ordinary citizens—they have military-grade weapons and serve independently on the front lines against Russian-backed rebels.... [and] Yarosh [is] accusing Kiev of attacking its own, rather than focusing on the war in the east.” Embody echoes Russia expert Dr. Stephen Cohen, who warned in an Aug. 4 radio interview with John Batchelor in New York, that a “second civil war” is brewing in Ukraine, with the Right Sector trying to overthrow Kiev, and even a full invasion of Donbass.

James Carden, editor of the newsletter of the pro-diplomacy American Committee on East-West Accord, writes in a book review that “the war in eastern Ukraine still threatens to metastasize into a full blown war between Russia and the West.”