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Russia Puts Obama and NATO On Notice: Our Missile Warning System Can Detect Any Launches, and We Will Respond

Aug. 17, 2015 (EIRNS)—The Russian government of Vladimir Putin continues to issue its stark, matter-of-fact warnings against any country or political force—such as the Obama administration and NATO—that thinks it could launch a first strike without suffering massive retaliation.

This time the message was delivered by Col. Viktor Tymoshenko, the Chief of Staff of the Main Center for Missile Warning of the Russian Aerospace Forces (the newly created branch of the Russian military), who discussed Russia’s missile warning system with RSN radio.

"The current early warning system can detect any launches from any direction from south or north or any other. It is impossible to commit any act of aggression without us finding out."

In a wire reporting on the radio interview, Sputnik said that Tymoshenko explained that the warning system consists of ground based radar with a range of 6,000 kilometers and "a group of orbiting satellites that can detect the launch of intercontinental missiles from anywhere in the world." Tymoshenko added that "the anti-missile warning system evaluates the energy of the ‘torch’ itself, and based on that it registers what type of ballistic missile it is." He said that the system is "multi-channel and can function on mass launches of dozens of ballistic missiles." He said there is always a danger of a false alarm, although technology has improved greatly in this regard, but for that reason "there is a trained crew that carries out the assessment and makes the right decisions."