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Argentina Targettted for Economic, Social Destabilization

Aug. 19, 2015 (EIRNS)—Allies of London and Wall Street’s vulture funds are pulling out the stops to sow economic and political chaos in Argentina in their grab for the Presidency in the Oct. 25 elections. Opposition trade union leaders are planning a national strike for mid-September, while a railroad mechanics strike is planned for Aug. 20.

Argentina is feeling the effect of the global financial crisis, including lower commodity prices, which affect its national export revenue. Recent, devastating floods in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and parts of Cordoba, have also wiped out crops, causing financial losses.

But the landed oligarchy, led by the London-allied Rural Society (SRA), and backed by the vultures’ presidential candidate, Mauricio Macri, charges President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with "killing" the agricultural sector—she has allowed too much state intervention, they say—and has announced a five-day national strike beginning Aug. 24. During the strike, producers will not market any of their crops, which, at a minimum, will mean losses to the state of $350 million in export revenue, and an additional $120 mn. in lost taxes.

Ambito.com reported today, that yesterday, free-trade fanatic Macri showed up in Tucumán province, a major sugar producer, and promised a crowd that, as President, he would bring about "profound change," in which he’d be "on the side of the people," and not let them be oppressed by a government "that thinks it’s the owner of the state." He said he had told anguished farmers to "hold on until December" (when a new President will be sworn in), and then he would free them of excessive regulation, export taxes and "the highest inflation in the world,"

Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli, candidate of the Victory Front (FPV) and Cristina Fernández’s designated successor, has also taken Macri’s Cambiemos coalition to court for running a massive social media campaign—color revolution style—to defame Scioli as an absentee and uncaring governor during the recent floods.