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Prominent German Christian Dem Publicizes Former DIA Head Flynn’s Charges Against Obama

Aug. 19, 2015 (EIRNS)—Jürgen Todenhöfer, a longtime senior politician of the German Christian Democrats, known for his outspoken opposition to the wars in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, has written about Gen. Michael Flynn's charges on the Co-op Anti-War Café Berlin Co-op News blog, in what is the first mention of that in the German press outside of the German LaRouche-linked weekly Neue Solidarität. Titled, "Obama Is Complicit with 'Islamic State," he reports that Flynn exposed the willfulness of the U.S. assistance to the Islamic extremists like IS, that the U.S. State Department has tried to dismiss the relevance of the affair. Todenhöfer also strongly attacks the media,

"many of which have played the DIA report down. They otherwise would have had to admit that their coverage of Syria had been wrong for years. Der Spiegel, which is traditionally off the mark on the Syria issue, submissively spoke of a (DIA) fairy tale. Other journalists were told by the rival agency CIA not to write anything about the DIA analysis."

Todenhöfer continues,

"Again, we are witnessing the dirty game of covert interventions in the Middle East. It would not be the first time the U.S. were partners of terrorists. General Flynn is just speaking openly what many believe. Just think of the history of covert U.S. interventions in Latin America. In [the book] Inside IS, I have written extensively about the role of the U.S.A. in supplying weapons to the terrorists in Syria."

Todenhöfer concluded by stating: "Why don't our politicians dare to address this scandal in the Parliament? Where are the media? Are we vassals of the U.S.A.?"

Todenhöfer's article on Co-op Anti-War Café is also posted to his Facebook page. His Co-Op News posting, (in German) is at: https://cooptv.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/juergen-todenhoefer- obama-ist-mitschuld-am-islamischen-staat/