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Obama Walks into Putin Syria Trap

Sept. 8, 2015 (EIRNS)—Washington sources confirm that President Obama has rejected Russian President Putin’s intervention against the Islamic State inside Syria and is, predictably, trying to subvert the Russian efforts. Late last week, Obama communicated through Secretary of State Kerry to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that the U.S. opposes any Russian military action in support of the Assad government in Damascus. Obama’s message was that Russian action is “not productive” and that Russia should, instead, join the U.S.-led “coalition.” In addition, the White House has ordered pressure on all U.S. allies to deny Russia any overflight privileges for planes headed to Syria, and has already brought pressure to bear on both Greece and Bulgaria.

Lyndon LaRouche today noted that Obama is walking right into Putin’s trap in Syria. Russian President Putin has already decided to intervene to preserve the Syrian state and the Assad government. Russian military “advisors” are already in the country, and more advanced Russian military equipment is coming in to Syria, aimed at enabling the Syrians to launch a full-scale conventional war against the Islamic State. According to one U.S. source, Russian surveillance drones are already mapping out territory held by ISIS and Nusra Front and other Western-backed rebel groups. Increasingly, Obama will be faced with exposure for backing ISIS or capitulating to the Russian operations. Either way, Putin has made his decision and will not back down, LaRouche emphasized. Obama cannot handle such a firm action by Russia and is headed for a real freak-out. Putin has decided to wipe out ISIS and Obama can’t handle that.

LaRouche noted that the Putin action in Syria is consistent with the growing Russian-Chinese cooperation, as evidenced at the Sept. 3 V-Day parade in Beijing, where Putin was at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s side throughout.