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Russian Analyst: West’s Geopolitics Targets Russia/China/India Cooperation for Destruction

Sept. 10, 2015 (EIRNS)—Andri Bezrukov, a Russian intelligence agent who lived under cover in the US for more than 20 years until 2010, provided an interview to Sputnik which nailed the current global crisis as Western geopolitics vs. Eurasian unity for development and security. Titled, “War Waged Against Russia Now Being Waged Against China,” Bezrukov focuses on the US and its Western allies (he doesn’t mention the British by name) frantically trying to break up Russia-China-India cooperation.

Russia’s enemies, he said, are trying to “pit India against China and prevent the union of Russia, India and China [from becoming] a reality. And second, pit China’s neighbors against it. This is all classic. Not because someone likes or does not like someone. This is geopolitics, and it is being dictated by intense rival interests.” Bezrukov forecasts that Myanamar will be the next “color revolution,” to disrupt the Chinese pipeline and to divide India from China.

Russia and China have their differences, he notes, but, “Separately from each other, Russia and China are vulnerable. Russia and China together are invulnerable. Russia and China are residing in one and the same home—Eurasia.... We found ourselves in a situation where peace in Eurasia and its growth not only guarantee growth in Russia and in China, it [sic] is the guarantee of security across the continent, it is the guarantee of the security of our borders.

“And our rivals, including the Americans, have a completely different vision. In order to keep someone’s position, he should divide and rule. This is exactly what they are doing.”

Bezrukov says that the situation is like that of 1914, as the “dominating power” watches its

“monopoly being washed away” by new, rising powers. However, he warns, since that time,“the major powers have acquired nuclear weapons.”

The warfare by economic, informational and subversive means against Russia has been “underway for a long time already,” he says. “The war which has been waged against Russia is now waged against China,” he observes, noting that there is “the same propaganda regarding the Chinese market meltdown. It strictly followed the models and curves of the anti-Russian propaganda,” to make it appear that “China is an incapable, unstable partner with a slowing economy. Yet this is completely untrue.”