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Sen. Graham Gives Delivers Powerful Call to Release the 28 Pages, Leads Memorial Events on 9/11

Sept. 11, 2015 (EIRNS)—Former Senator Bob Graham, former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and co-chair of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks, spoke last night at a UCLA forum organized there at the Hammer Forum, where he delivered a thorough and systematic review of the public record on Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks and called for the 28 pages of the 9/11 report to be declassified and released to the public. On the panel with him was former CIA agent and author Robert Baer, an expert on Islamic terrorism.

“One of the most under-discussed and most important issues” facing our nation is the report on 9/11 and the networks behind it, Graham said in opening. He began by quoting the first witness to the Joint Congressional Inquiry—a woman who lost her husband in the attack on the World Trade Center. “All we have are tears and the resolve to find the answers,” she told the committee, saying, “we have an obligation” to those children to provide the answer as to “why their mother or father never returned” on 9/11.

Sen. Graham’s speech and his answers to questions were, according to EIR editorial board member Jeff Steinberg, “a thoroughly composed documentary account” of the Saudi involvement. In the question period, all of the questions were riveted on the Saudi role, and Graham focussed on the legislation calling for the release of the 28 pages and the crucial fight for the release before us now.

In his presentation, Baer said that what really disturbs him is that the 28 pages have not been made public. “Just like the Kennedy assassination,” he said, “you have to get this stuff out.” He said that based on the nature of the intelligence in that report, “it would be very easy for the FBI and CIA” to pursue these networks. “But this administration as the last administration does not want to deal with the truth.”

The link to the program is found at: http://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2015/09/911-the-saudi- connection-with-senator-bob-graham-and-robert-baer/