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Brownshirt Jerry: Green Bills Defeated, He’ll Rule by Decree

Sept. 16, 2015 (EIRNS)—California’s Green fascist Gov. Jerry Brown, who is killing his constituents by cutting off their water, vowed on Sept. 11 to impose "climate change" cuts in the state’s economy by decree after they were defeated in the state legislature.

"The only thing different is [that] my zeal has been intensified to a maximum degree, and nothing, nothing is going to stop this state from pushing forward" on draconian "decarbonization," Brown said.

His legislation to mandate an 80% cut in "greenhouse emissions" in the state by 2015, had just been voted down in the state House of Representatives Sept. 10. SB 350, which was announced by Brown a full eight months ago, went down despite overwhelming Democratic control of both chambers; 21 out of 52 Democrats rejected it, including 11 members of the Black and Latino caucuses. Brown wanted to show off the legislation at the December Paris Climate Conference; can he show off a personal dictatorial decree there instead?

The legislation is murderous in its intention drastically to reduce economic activity. Under Brown the state has already mandated 25-35% cuts in water use, and cuts in the use of oil, as well as closing down one of its nuclear power complexes. The only thing Brown’s generous subsidies to solar and wind power have accomplished, is a sharp rise in the cost of electricity to businesses and consumers, by nearly 3 cents/kilowatt hour since 2011.

Despite that, Brown publicly declares that he will impose steps to cut carbon use by 80%, by decree, as President Obama does. "We don’t have a declaration in statute," Brown admitted, "but we have absolutely the same authority. We’re going forward."

He is, in reality, determined to drive the state backward, to when its "carrying capacity" was a population of just a few million, and its vital agricultural Imperial Valley had just 300,000 people.

Brown exhibited his Obama-like megalomania when his 2015 transportation proposal also failed, not even getting a legislative vote. Like Obama, Brown had made speeches about transportation but had not deigned to talk to legislators of either party about what he was proposing. At an Aug. 19 press conference he said he preferred, rather, to "be a brooding omnipresence" over the legislative process.

Now, with the State Assembly session about to end, a further revolt against Brown fascism has erupted: Some 47 members, including 21 Democrats, demanded in a letter to Brown that a special session be called immediately to address the effects of the drought, and the potential of flooding this winter if the projected El Nino climate phenomenon develops. The Assembly had been largely silent on the drought until now, not criticizing the genocidal governor.

The letter complains that much of the both federal and state funds allocated for relief of those affected by the drought, remain unspent more than a year later. Thousands of families have been without running water for as much as two years since their wells went dry, and devastating health emergencies have been created by the increasingly poor air quality, especially in the Central Valley.

Brown has been publicly evoking dire images of emigration out of California, and his policy is clearly, "leave, or die."

A surprising, and prominent, element of the letter is this phrase: "The special session should also include, thoughtful and careful review of environmental policies that even if well-meaning may be doing more harm than good."