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Call for Regime Change within Saudi Arabia?

Sept. 28, 2015 (EIRNS)—As the Saudi state bends under the pressures of falling oil prices—to the point of forcing them to issue state bonds—an ongoing war of extermination in Yemen, and a recent, deadly accident which killed over a hundred Muslim faithful, Britain’s Guardian is now reporting that the legitimacy of the Saudi government itself is being questioned from within. A Sept. 28 Guardian article claims that a Saudi Prince has released a letter calling for regime change.

Posting only an image of a letter written in Arabic, claimed to be one of two received "earlier this month," the newspaper identifies the as-yet-unnamed prince only as a "grandson of the State’s founder, Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Saud."

"The king is not in a stable condition and in reality the son of the king [Mohammed bin Salman] is ruling the kingdom," the prince told the paper. "So four or possibly five of my uncles will meet soon to discuss the letters. They are making a plan with a lot of nephews and that will open the door. A lot of the second generation is very anxious.... The public are also pushing this very hard, all kinds of people, tribal leaders. They say you have to do this or the country will go to disaster."