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Italian Journalist Warns: Beware of Obama’s Retaliation

Sept. 30, 2015 (EIRNS)—Giulietto Chiesa, former Moscow correspondent for several Italian newspapers and founder of Pandora TV, writes that Obama may react to the successful Russian flanking operation with a "cold snap."

Writing an op-ed for Sputnik Italia, Chiesa says:

"In the leadership of the Empire there is a lame duck which cannot decide and therefore must lie. This does not allow for any optimism. Thus, the most probable thing will be a dramatic backlash. Either in Ukraine, in the desert between Damascus and Baghdad, in Berlin or Paris."

Obama’s rhetoric at the UN

"hides a dangerous obstinacy. Insisting on the thesis that Russia attacked Ukraine can be done with impunity from the UN podium, where there is no opposition and the audience is full of the majordomos of the Empire, but where it does not work is when speaking eye-to-eye."


"what is shocking beyond any other consideration is the refusal to acknowledge the ongoing changes which Putin’s initiative and proposals have set into motion. The military presence ... has completely changed the physiognomy of the battlefield."

The Israelis understood it; the French did too, although Hollande

"made it known that Bashar [Assad] cannot be part of the solution, to please Washington. Or maybe, because he does not want to suffer retaliation such as what Angela Merkel is having difficulty swallowing with the Volkswagen affair. But it is clear that he [Hollande] does not want to lose contact with Merkel."

Obama ignored the European developments because he does not want to accept Putin’s logic. If he did, he would change policy in both Syria as well as in Ukraine—where they should accept the logic of the Minsk agreement, agreed to by Germany and France.