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Russia’s Action Against Islamic State Draws Support from Both Sides of the Atlantic

Oct. 2, 2015 (EIRNS)—Invited by the Syrian Government, Russia’s decisive action against the murderous Islamic State inside Syria has drawn (sometimes reluctant) praise from both sides of the Atlantic. According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Pravda.ru reported, "it becomes increasingly clear that the West is unable to resolve the crisis in Syria, just like it could not solve other conflicts in the region, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya." "All the U.S. could do is to aggravate chaos," Handelsblatt said, Pravda.ru noted.

In the United States, former Massachusetts Governor and the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, at the Washington Ideas Forum on Sept. 30, said:

"Russia complicates things right now and Russia has out-gamed us once again. We’re in a difficult position right now... His [Obama’s] rhetoric is soaring, but the results have been terribly disappointing; and his foreign policy disastrous,"

Iran’s Press TV reported.

Germany’s Stern magazine, praising Russian President Vladimir Putin for convincing the West that those who want peace in Syria should cooperate with Assad to get things off the ground, said "Putin is doing everything right—at least everything to ensure the interests of his own country," Sputnik reported.

Stern pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin is again winning respect in the international arena.

"During the crisis in Libya, Russia repeatedly spoke about the danger of NATO’s military intervention, which could create more chaos and bring Islamists to power. And now, four years later, Libya lies in ruins, and the influence of Islamic radicals is increasing,"

Stern magazine article said, according to Sputnik.

In addition, a German analyst, Veit Medick, writing in Der Spiegel on Oct. 1, pointed out that the West has no reason to complain about Russia’s intervention in Syria, "because this is the result of the West’s failed policy in the Middle East."

"Moscow is simply doing what we just had no guts to do. The West does not want to fight because the Syrian opposition is deeply fragmented and we do not know whose side to take, Medick wrote. The world simply looks on as the Russian president is bombing [ISIL targets] in Syria,"

Medick wrote, Sputnik reported.