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Obama, the Killer, Tries To Deny Responsibility for Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital

Oct. 4, 2015 (EIRNS)—Sky News gives a devastating, graphic report of the U.S. bombing of the Medicins Sans Frontières (MSF) Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan—the only trauma care hospital in northern Afghanistan—detailing how MSF frantically phoned NATO and Washington within 10 minutes of the commencement of the bombing, which continued for nearly an hour. But Obama, the maniacal killer in the footsteps of his Indonesian stepfather, issued a statement trying to deny U.S. responsibility for the attack until a “full investigation” is completed. Some Afghan officials are lying that the hospital was a Taliban base, and the Pentagon in a statement yesterday described the horrific incident as “collateral damage” that “might” have occurred in the bombing of Taliban in Kunduz.

UN Human Rights chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein immediately condemned the attack as a possible war crime, saying, “This event is utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly even criminal.” MSF wants an independent investigation that begins with the premise that the attack is a war crime.

Sky News posted this report today:

“Medicins Sans Frontières (MSF) frantically phoned NATO and Washington as bombs rained down on its staff working at the trauma center in Kunduz.

“One medic described how patients unable to escape ‘burned to death as they lay in their beds.’

“Three children were among the dead, and 37 people were seriously wounded. The 12 medics killed all worked for MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

“Many patients and staff are still missing, as about 200 people were in the building at the time.

“The first bomb landed at 2:10 am—and nine minutes later, MSF staff rang NATO’s offices in Kabul and military officials in Washington. Despite this, the bombing continued until 3:13 am."

“Meinie Nicolai, the MSF’s president, has called for total transparency, adding: ‘We cannot accept that this horrific loss of life will simply be dismissed as ‘collateral damage’.”

“MSF says it gave the coordinates of the hospital to U.S. and Afghan forces several times to avoid being caught in a crossfire—including earlier this week.

“ ‘Precise location of our Kunduz hospital communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over past months,’ the group said on Twitter.”

The Pentagon’s statement about “collateral damage,” was directly contradicted by the Afghan Interior Ministry according to Sky News, which claimed the facility was “targeted” because Taliban were hiding there.