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Saudi Wahhabi Clerics Declare Jihad Against Russia

Oct. 8, 2015 (EIRNS)—Former CIA Mideast analyst Bruce Riedel, now at Brookings, reported Wednesday that a group of 55 Saudi Wahhabi clerics "signed a call for jihad against Russia for its military intervention in Syria," calling on Sunni Muslims to unite against the "tsars and Caesars" backing the Assad government, and calling the Russians the "fanatical people of the cross." They say that Russia’s Syria operations will suffer the same fate as their intervention in Afghanistan in 1989.

Are they, perhaps, expecting the same British-US military training and backing for their terror apparatus in Syria as they received in Afghanistan? The Wahhabi clerics included Iran, the Iraqi Shia, and Hezbollah as targets in their call for jihad, as well as the US for failing to adequately deliver on their promise to support the opposition to Assad, and noted the US installation of a Shia regime in Iraq under the Bush administration.

Riedel says the statement is not an official Saudi government document. But it is well known that King Salman is among the most extreme of the Wahhabi fanatics, as evidenced by his personal role in funding the 9/11 attacks and his current genocidal war on Yemen.