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Rand Paul to GOP, Clinton: "No-Fly Zone" Means War with Russia

Oct. 8, 2015 (EIRNS)—Rand Paul, in an interview with the Washington Post, denounced the call for a no-fly zone in Syria as a "terrible idea" that could "lead to World War III" if anyone was stupid enough to do it. Several of the Republican candidates, as well as Hillary Clinton, have called for a no-fly zone.

"That’s drawing a red line in the sky," Paul said.

"Once you draw a red line, and people cross it, what happens? Now we’re talking about an incident that could lead to World War III. We went 70 years having open channels of communication with the Russians, trying to avoid having one side shoot down the opposite side’s plane. I think the people who call for a no-fly zone are naive. Right now, Russia’s actually being invited by two of the neighboring countries, by Iraq and Syria. We’re going to say we’re going to stop Russia from flying in the area when two of the countries being flown over have invited that country in? This gets back to whether we want to diplomatically isolate ourselves, or whether we want to diplomatically engage."

The Post reported that Paul continued attacking the lunacy of provoking a war with Russia in a Fox News interview: "Do you want to drive Russia out of Syria?" he asked the interviewer.

"Do you want a land war with Russia? There is no scenario where America can stand up and say: Be gone, Russia!"