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China Spells Out Response to Obama’s War Threats

Oct. 16, 2015 (EIRNS)—Wu Shicun, the president of China’s National Institute for the South China Sea, today presented China’s likely order of response, should the Obama Administration be crazy enough to follow through on their threat to intentionally breach the 12-mile territorial limit around the Chinese islands in the South China Sea.

"What will happen," Wu wrote in the Global Times,

"is that China will take necessary countermeasures. The actual measures will depend on how frequently the US decides to enter the airspace or waters close to the islands and what kind of aircraft or ship they plan to send."

According to Wu, Global Times wrote, the first measure would involve diplomatic and military warnings. If the situation escalates, China may dispatch planes to tail US aircraft to decide if there is hostile intent. If this is believed to be so, the next step would be for the Chinese military to expel the US ships and planes.

He also warned that there could be considerable danger, and if further measures need to be taken, the risk of a military clash or even casualties, based on either miscalculation or coincidence, would significantly rise.

"I think the bottom line, for both China and the US," he said," is to make sure there is no open conflict or casualties."