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Putin, Fernández de Kirchner Celebrate Russian-Argentine Relations as Model for New Multipolar World

Oct. 21, 2015 (EIRNS)—In a videoconference broadcast today by RT Espanol, the presidents of Russia and Argentina, Vladimir Putin and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, emphasized their common view of the kind of sovereign relations the nations of the world must develop. Although the name "Obama" was never uttered, the contrast was clear.

The occasion was the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Russian-Argentine relations, and both discussed the developing economic relations between their nations. But the real subject was made clear from the outset, when Fernández, in greeting Putin at the outset, told him that before discussing that anniversary, she wished to congratulate him on his "excellent intervention" before the United Nations. That speech was not the conventional diplomatic speech, where people say one thing and do another, she said; and I very much appreciated your acting accordingly, when you later decided to take decisive action against global terrorism. (To which Putin answered, "Gracias!")

Putin also expressed his respect for Argentina’s defense of its soveriegnity against the speculators.

"We have seen how you, Mrs. President, and your country, defended Argentina’s interests in the financial debates,"

he said. In the UN General Assembly meeting called by Argentina to establish sovereign debt restructuring agreements, Russia

"shared the firm posture and integrity which Argentina took in your confrontation against the speculative funds which base themselves solely on the decisions of a U.S. court."

Fernández thanked Putin for Russia’s voting in that debate, along with 135 other countries, for

"the world to leave the speculation of particular parties, and return again to production, work, industries, science and technology as the true motors of growth and development."

She added:

"And also our common stance, that there cannot be a double standard...in diplomatic relations, nor in the fight which we all have against global terrorism. I believe that associations such as that which we have established between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Argentina are a model to take to the world, a world which until now was divided between accepting what the most powerful said, or succumbing. I believe that this has ended. There is a multipolar world, and there are new possibilities....

"If we are successful in establishing this conviction on a world scale, the 21st century will be better than the 20th."