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China Brought Four-Point Proposal to Syria Talks

Oct. 31, 2015 (EIRNS)—Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Li Baodong brought with him, to the talks in Vienna on Syria a four-point proposal for a political resolution of the war in Syria. According to Xinhua, the four points were:

  • Li said China urged all sides in Syria for an immediate cease-fire with commitment to fighting terrorism.

  • He suggested that Syria’s warring sides, under the auspices of the United Nations, should have comprehensive, inclusive and equal dialogues to make arrangements for political transitions.

  • Li said that the United Nations should play the role of the main channel of mediation in the Syrian crisis.

  • He also proposed the start of the reconstruction process in Syria to let the warring sides see the peace dividends once the war ends.

Li Baodong’s tabling of China’s four-point initiative on Syria followed by a day, discussions in Beijing between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

"The most important thing is to seize the opportunity to implement a political resolution and set up an equal, inclusive and open political dialogue,"

Li Keqiang told reporters during a joint appearance with Merkel on Oct. 29. Premier Li noted that many global leaders had made suggestions about how to tackle the crisis in Syria, reported Reuters.

"We hope that we can put together these suggestions, and particularly through the United Nations, this organization, advance the resolution of the Syria issue,"

Li said, adding China would continue to play a "constructive role."

"We need a diplomatic political solution," Merkel said.

"It is urgent to find one. At least there are signs for a format of talks that will bring the necessary participants together."