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Extraordinary Capitol Hill Event Warns of Obama Thermonuclear War Provocations Against Russia

Nov. 4, 2015 (EIRNS)—An extraordinary public forum took place this afternoon on Capitol Hill, warning about the danger of the Obama provocations against Russia leading to thermonuclear war. The event was convened by Cong. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the Dean of the US House of Representatives. It was attended by a number of other Members of Congress and featured a panel of experts, including Stephen Cohen, Jack Matlock and Joseph Pepper.

The turnout was impressive, with standing room only. Rep. Alan Grayson began the event by reminding the audience of the Cold War days when school children had to go down to fallout shelters and practice what to do in the event of a nuclear war. Grayson warned that we were, as the result of Obama’s provocations against Russia, heading back for that same kind of danger.

In his opening remarks, Rep. Conyers warned that the demonizing of Putin and Russia is leading back to the darkest moments of the Cold War, and could lead to thermonuclear war.

Former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock, who just two weeks ago was at the podium when Russian President Putin addressed the Valdai Club annual event in Sochi, reviewed the sordid history of US violation of agreements with Russia, the NATO expansion provocations, etc. Cohen buttressed Matlock, by warning that if NATO puts one more base on the Russian border, or one more bordering country to Russia is brought into NATO, that will mean war. Cohen cited former Obama Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul as one of the fanatical provocateurs against Russia. All of the speakers warned that the greatest danger is if there is no push-back against this insane war drive.

Joseph Pepper, a former CEO of major US corporations, said that he, too, was a child of the Cold War and the fallout shelters, and he demanded a dialing down of the hate rhetoric against Putin referring to him as a Hitler or a Satan. Obama is drawing red lines everywhere to World War III, he warned.

Both Matlock and Cohen noted that the Obama provocations against Russia have already led to Germany breaking with the US and aligning more with Russia. Cohen warned that, unless there is pushback against the Obama madness, it may soon come to pass that there is a Germany-Russia-China alliance and the US is thoroughly isolated.

At one point in the event, Rep. Walter Jones walked into the hearing room, and Conyers immediately asked him join him at the podium. Jones received a standing ovation from the audience.

The event was unprecedented for Capitol Hill and reflects a growing revolt against Obama’s war madness that must be capitalized upon.

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