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Before Church Leaders and Senators, Mexico's LaRouche Citizens’ Movement Exposed the Pope's Malthusian Encyclical

Nov. 6, 2015 (EIRNS)—On the eve of the COP21 conference in Paris at the end of this month, the LaRouche Citizens' Movement of Mexico, MOCILA, intervened on Nov. 4 in a Senate "Forum of Analysis" of Pope Francis's Laudato Si' encyclical, to expose its true genocidal character and the role of such satanists as Hans Joachim Schellnhuber.

The forum was organized by the Senate Select Climate Change Committee, led by Sen. Silvia Garza Galvan of the National Action Party (PAN). Co-sponsors included the Mexican Institute for Christian Social Doctrine (IMDOSOC) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This was a historic event, in the sense that, despite the fact that Mexico is a Catholic country, for the first time, the Senate opened its doors to high-level representatives of the Church. Monsignor Rogelio Cabrera Lopez, Archbishop of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and Monsignor Juan Armando Perez Talamantes, the Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey, attended to officially present the Pope's encyclical. The Pope is scheduled to visit Mexico in February 2016.

Before a large audience of senators, priests, leaders of social groups, environmentalists, academics, students and media, MOCILA member Carolina Domínguez was given time to speak from the floor, representing those who oppose the encyclical's anti-human message.

The legitimate question that should be asked, she said, is whether it's true that anthropogenic activity, human activity in the biosphere, is the cause of climate change. "We should also be asking," she said, "who is advising Pope Francis? His name is Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, a Malthusian very close to the Club of Rome." She went on to charge that the Club of Rome's networks, and their premise that there are limits to growth, have taken control of the Holy See, and from there of many other institutions to create a "scientific consensus" and launch the offensive against human industrial activity, supposedly because it is responsible for climate change.

Domínguez appealed to the the Church leaders present, and to the audience, to

"reestablish the concept of Imago Viva Dei—that is, man in the living image of God, in which the goodness that man receives from the Creator, and his protection of the common good, is recognized."

And yet, the MOCILA leader charged, that concept is not reflected in the Pope's encyclical. Rather, it states that man is evil, and that the carbon dioxide that humanity emits is the cause of climate change—this, when it has been proven that the quantity of carbon dioxide in greenhouse gases is insignificant. In a direct challenge, Domínguez asked the bishops, how it was possible that the Catholic Church in Mexico is supporting a doctrine which it has historically and consistently always rejected.

Following the event, MOCILA members were able to speak with senators and Church leaders about how the plan to reduce CO2, decarbonizing the economy, is a plan to exterminate a large portion of the human population.