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NATO Implementing Ukraine Takeover

Nov. 11, 2015 (EIRNS)—Sputnik News today published an analysis by Victoria Legranova, a Russian defense analyst, documenting that NATO is preparing to take control over the entire military and paramilitary apparatus of Ukraine, even though Ukraine will not get formal NATO membership. NATO will, instead, go for full equipment compatibility and command control.

"As a result, NATO will be able to set up a network of tactical operational centers across Ukraine to control the country’s armed forces and also the paramilitary groups active there. If, for some reason, the government slips out of Western control or a new president comes to power, these paramilitary units could be used to restore the status-quo,"

she warned. Ukraine’s military chief of staff General Viktor Muzhenko, confirmed that NATO is currently drawing up plans for Ukraine’s military modernization by 2020, at which point it is to be fully compatible with NATO standards.

Lyndon LaRouche, however, today ridiculed the notion of NATO being able to pull off such an operation.

"Western Europe is collapsing economically and financially. These intentions, under those conditions, are a total fraud. They can’t do it. Germany is in an economic collapse, France is far worse, and the British are emphatically in a breakdown. Not only are they incapable of carrying out such an ambitious scheme; they are incapable of even making the judgment call that the whole notion is preposterous,"

LaRouche concluded.