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Senior Us Diplomat Stapleton Roy Blasted NATO War Provocations Against Russia; Warned of Similar Errors in Asia

Nov. 11, 2015 (EIRNS)—Stapleton Roy, former US Ambassador to China, former "Career Ambasador" (the highest rank in the Foreign Service), and now the Founding Director Emeritus of the Kissinger Institute on China and the US at the Wilson Center, denounced the failed and dangerous policy of the US and NATO towards Russia, and especially the policy in Ukraine.

Speaking at a forum on Korea at the Wilson Center Tuesday, Roy concluded the forum by switching to Europe, saying, in close paraphrase:

"Russia has very serious and legitimate security interests in Asia which must be acknowledged. They have major territories—they remember that the US and the British intervened militarily in the Far East after World War I. We must not underestimate their legitimate interests, as we did in Europe by pursuing NATO expansion. We let a tug-of-war between East and West take place over Ukraine that has torn it apart. We should have used our wisdom to use Ukraine as a bridge between the West and Russia.

"There are some making the same mistake in Asia. Russia has territorial issues with Japan, and serious concerns about an arms race in Asia, which is indeed possible. I am deeply upset when I go to the many East Asia froums where no one mentions Russia and its interests. We must respect their security. If we had wise diplomacy, we would do so; but we don’t always have wise diplomacy."