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Col. Patrick Lang: To Defeat IS, Cooperation Must Include Russia, Hizbullah, and Iran

Nov. 15, 2015 (EIRNS)—Retired Special Forces Colonel W. Patrick Lang, whose work in the Defense Intelligence Agency included serving as the first Director of the Defense HUMINT Service (human intelligence), said today in his blog, Sic Semper Tryannis, that the United States must cooperate with Russia, Hizbullah, and Iran.

Col. Lang has provided several commentaries on ISIS following the Paris attack. Included in his key comments today are these points:

  • “The politics of 2016 has reduced the statements of the various candidates to gibberish in which they spout slogans at each other. An example would be the statement just now made to Jake Tapper by Jeb Bush ... that the Syrian government is as much a threat to Syrian Christians as is the Islamic State and the other Sunni jihadis. Of course, anyone who knows anything about Syria knows that the large Christian population views the Syrian government as their sole protector from the jihadis. Jeb also ‘thinks’ that a U.S. no-fly zone in Syria is a grand idea. IS does not have an air force, so such a no-fly zone would be intended to prevent Syrian air force and Russian air force intrusion. This would mean war with Russia. Where does he get such ‘thoughts?’ He gets them from the same neocons who were his dumb-dumb brother’s advisers and who seduced and lied us all into invading Iraq as part of their grand scheme to reduce the countries of the Middle East to chaos.”

  • “Obama is in Turkey conferring with Erdogan, the Saudi king, and the emir of Qatar as to how to combat IS. This is a joke! All of these are sponsors of IS and the other Sunni jihadi movements.”

Lang advises:

  • “Accept the idea that in a UN supervised election Assad may win. Hilary Mann Leveritt pointed out yesterday that in an election a couple of years ago that included the Syrian refugee diaspora, Assad won. The Borgist TV anchor [a reference to ‘the Islamic Borg’—ed.] nearly had apoplexy.”

  • “Defeat and destroy IS in Syria and Iraq. To do this we must accept the cooperation of all who wish fight IS and any other jihadis. That would include Russia, Hizbullah, and Iran.”