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Obama Continues Confrontation with Putin at Paris Meeting

Nov. 30, 2015 (EIRNS)—An Obama White House official told White House reporters today that President Obama met with President Putin at the COP21 Summit in Paris, and continued to insist on the removal of Syrian President Assad from power.

While Obama is said to have reiterated the United States’ support for de-escalation between Russia and Turkey, Obama also "reiterated his belief that it will be necessary for Bashar al-Assad to leave power as a part of the transition, and stressed the imperative of focusing military efforts against ISIL, as our international coalition is doing, rather than targeting moderate opposition," as Obama claims Russia is doing.

The fraud of Obama’s claims of "targeting ISIL" is well established by recent admissions and revelations about Turkey’s and U.S. intelligence activities facilitating ISIS; and the admission by a former U.S. intelligence official that Obama left ISIL’s extensive "oil operations" untouched for 16 months until Russia attacked them.

But Obama’s continuing insistence, against Russia, that Assad must go before ISIL, and that Russia is not part of the alleged U.S.-led coalition, is an escalation by Obama toward a threatened nuclear war confrontation with Russia.

Vladimir Putin, speaking to reporters after his bilateral meetings with Obama and others, said that Russia has grounds to suspect that the Russian aircraft was downed to secure illegal oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey, TASS reported today.

"We have recently received additional reports that confirm that that oil from ISIL-controlled territories is delivered to the territory of Turkey on an industrial scale."

He said of his bilateral meetings:

"All the colleagues listened very attentively and most of them at least share the opinion that there had been no need to attack the unprotected Russian bomber, which was of no threat to Turkey."

He did not meet with Erdogan.