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Value Walk Again Publishes Warning of Nuclear War; Cites Postol Interview

Dec. 9, 2015 (EIRNS)—The financial news site Value Walk, after reporting a Chinese warning on Dec. 1 of a potential China nuclear reaction to Obama’s South China Sea provocations, has published another warning, this one of nuclear war starting in Europe due to NATO expansion toward Russia.

The warning also represents further radiation of the RT interview on Dec. 7 with MIT nuclear weapons expert and former senior military advisor Theodor Postol.

"Poland Fuels NATO-vs-Russia Nuclear War," by Polina Tikhonova, is taken from an article with nearly the same title ("Poland Fuels Nuclear War: U.S., NATO vs. Russia") published in "USA Morning News" on Dec. 7. It begins: "Poland wants a share of NATO’s nuclear weapons, amid alarming reports that Russia is preparing for potential nuclear confrontation with the Alliance."

"Poland is a major NATO ally," Tikhonova writes,

"while the nuclear weapons would come from the United States [according to a request by Poland already discussed between the countries—ed.]. But a nuclear war involving the U.S., NATO and Russia would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity."

The article cites on this, both Postol’s interview and a Dec. 1 Press TV interview with Don DeBar, a New York-based political analyst.

"Poland’s deputy defense minister, Tomasz Szatkowski, said that Polish Defense Ministry is considering to ask NATO for access to nuclear weapons from the U.S. The request can be granted under the Alliance’s nuclear-sharing program, which states that non-nuclear member states are allowed to borrow American nuclear weapons."

The actual nuclear war danger originates with Obama’s (and "W" Bush’s before him) regime-change policy of overthrowing governments to confront Russia and China; a policy which has also unleashed British- and Saudi-backed terrorism on the world. Poland’s conservative government has merely been drawn, out of fear, into supporting that Obama policy of nuclear confrontation.