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British Monarchy Prepares Legal Assault To Enforce Genocidal ‘Targets’ Agreed Upon at COP21

Dec. 15, 2015 (EIRNS)—Sane governments blocked the adoption at the Paris COP21 summit of any legally-binding treaty, but because they failed to reject and denounce the preposterous lie that human activity and carbon dioxide are pollutants driving climate change, the British Royal Family is moving to use the acceptance of the hoax of anthropogenic climate change embodied in the COP21 accord to impose its genocidal plan by other means.

Prince Charles himself revealed one such initiative on the eve of the COP21 summit. At the Commonwealth Summit in Malta on Nov. 27, he announced the so-called

"Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative" (CCLI) as a new means to impose what the Queen’s own Hans Joaquim Schellnhuber cheerfully calls the "induced implosion of the carbon economy."

The CCLI’s mandate is "to publicize and develop laws," for starters in Britain, Australia, South Africa, and Canada, under which companies and their directors can be sued for violating restrictions on carbon emissions, opposing the climate-change hoax, failing to report how their financial returns will be hit by environmental costs, etc. Oxford’s University’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE), one of three agencies forming the CCLI, elaborated these plans:

"Company directors and pension fund trustees, could be held liable for i) contributing to anthropogenic climate change, ii) not reasonably managing the risks associated with climate change, and/or iii) misleading investors about the business risks of climate change or failing to comply with legal reporting requirements."

Jessica Fries, executive chairman of Prince Charles’s Accounting for Sustainability project, is cited by SSEE threatening pension funds in particular:

"Climate change poses significant risks for pension funds and companies... Trustees and company directors need to ensure that they respond appropriately. A proper understanding of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities is key."

"Accounting for Sustainability," founded and headed by Prince Charles, leads and is financing the CCLI; Oxford’s SSEE is in charge of profiling for the legal suits and strategies; the lawyers of "ClientEarth" (an environmental hitsquad created by the British rock band, Coldplay) are to prosecute.

New York State’s scandalous prosecution in November of Peabody Energy and Exxon on similar grounds, is being cited as exemplary of the kinds of actions to come. But Prince Charles’s CCLI creates a centralized, international apparatus, under the British Crown directly, to financially bankrupt companies and jail company directors who refuse to go back to the Stone Age.

The Monarchy’s genocidal scheme only functions if its imperial financial system—Wall Street and the City of London—are allowed to exist. Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept site reported on Dec. 9 how in recent months the giant speculative banks (BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, ING Bank, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America, etc.) have pledged to cut off funding for coal power plants, coal mines, and companies involved in coal.

A report by Moody’s rating service at the end of November makes clear it is not just coal, but industry itself that is to be wiped out. The industrial sectors identified by Moody’s which will be "materially impacted by environmental risks over the next five years," also include

"companies involved with car making, mining, steel, commodity chemicals, building materials and independent oil and gas explorers."