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Gen. Flynn Blasts Obama Again for Lying About Jihadist Threat

Dec. 18, 2015 (EIRNS)—Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who was fired by President Obama in Aug. 2014, appeared on Fox News this morning, following yesterday’s visit by the President to the National Counter- Terrorism Center (NCTC). Gen. Flynn again blasted Obama for lying to the American people about the threat posed by the Islamic jihadists. Gen. Flynn started out by noting, “it was about time the coach” realized he had a national security team, and predicting that Obama would get an earful at the NCTC, which has been delivering dire reports on the jihadist threat for a long time. Flynn charged that Obama did not want to hear about the rise of radicalism globally, because it did not conform to his political narrative.

Flynn insisted that he and other retired generals did have solutions to offer, that would not only address the military threats, but also would address the economic, diplomatic, and social media dimensions of the threat and what to do about it. “It has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” he asserted. It is about the best interests of the nation. He told Fox that he would love to see the President go on national television and admit, “we made a mistake, our strategy is not working,” and promise to deliver a new strategy to the American people within 30 days. He noted that either Obama personally, or his advisors, are telling him to stay the course, and this is a grave error.

Asked about reports of a growing scandal over pressure on intelligence analysts to water down their warnings of the jihadist threat, Gen. Flynn acknowledged the scandal, and said that the American people want to trust their government, but that trust has been lost in the last several years. He added that more will come out on the scandal, and that history will not treat kindly those involved. He ended by emphasizing that intelligence scandals are to be seen top down. “Intelligence starts at the top.”