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Italy: Discussion of Glass-Steagall Demanded from the Senate Floor

Dec. 20, 2015 (EIRNS)—On Dec. 17, Sen. Stefano Candiani intervened from the Senate floor, urging the Senate chairman to finally schedule a discussion of the six draft bills for banking separation. He had done it already on Dec. 10, as he reported with a posting on the Movisol Facebook page. "Mr. President, we see once again that an emergency and an urgency have not been considered, although recent events have brought them again to our attention", Candiani said in his Dec. 17 intervention.

"There are draft bills on banking separation, undersigned by almost all factions, which are ’stuck’ in the Committee; we ask them to be scheduled [for discussion], with the care and the advice to do that in the first week of work....


"Excuse me, Senator Candiani, concerning the ’stuck’ draft bills, can you indicate at least one, in order to make your proposal to change the schedule concrete?"


"It is the draft bill for banking separation, signed by Comaroli, Candiani and other senators from the Lega Nord-Autonomie group, as well the other draft bills introduced by other groups."

On Dec. 10, during a session chaired by the deputy Chairman, Candiani had already urged a discussion:

“We have several draft bills introduced in the former legislature and reintroduced at the beginning of the current legislature, which are not brought to the floor: I refer to banking separation, between commercial banks from speculative banks.”

“Mrs. Chairwoman, we demand from the Assembly a serious reflection on an issue which must be scheduled for discussion, because we can no longer wait – unless someone wants to hide his own sins under the carpet.”