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Kurds Expose Turkish MIT Agents in ISIS in Iraq

Dec. 20, 2015 (EIRNS)—The President of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq has accused the MIT, the Turkish equivalent of the CIA, of sending agents into northern Iraq as part of the Islamic State. During a visit to Ankara Dec. 9-11, President Massoud Barzani accused the Turkish intelligence service of backing ISIS, and demanded an accounting from the head of the MIT, Hakan Fidan. Fidan is one of President Erdogan’s closest allies and trusted operatives. MIT has been caught, in the past, delivering truckloads of weapons and other military equipment to the Islamic State and Nusra Front in northern Syria. But the Barzani accusations mark the first time that concrete accusations have been made that MIT has agents operating inside the Islamic State.

The story was reported in today’s Sunday Zaman:

“During the meetings between Turkish officials and Barzani in Ankara, Barzani spoke on the 150 ISIL militants of Turkish origin who had been captured by Kurdish peshmerga forces during clashes with ISIL. According to sources, Barzani said some ISIL members captured by the peshmerga had identified themselves as members of MIT and he requested that MIT head Fidan clarify the issue.”

The article noted,

“Barzani also sought assistance from Ankara to remove 500 Turkish nationals in Mosul who are in leading positions in ISIL.”

U.S. intelligence sources have similarly confirmed that Fidan and the MIT have been at the center of the black market smuggling operations back and forth across the Turkish-Syrian border, including oil smuggling. These sources report that massive amounts of cash, gold, diamonds, and other precious items are stored in buildings in Ankara and other Turkish cities, under round-the-clock guard by MIT officers, and that these funds were pivotal in the recent narrow parliamentary victory by the AKP.